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Welcome to our club!

Watch this video for more information about what we do and what to expect. 


Basic Information

How do I get into CSF?

*See the [Membership] tab.

When do I apply for CSF?

The fall membership drives are held in September, and the spring drives are in January, after transcripts, updated with grades from the first semester, are released. All drive info will be sent via email (join the mailing list on the home page if you haven't already :)), including instructions, links to forms, and due dates. Late applications ARE NOT accepted. If you know you will be absent the day of the drive, turn in your application EARLY.

What do you turn in?

In addition to completing the online application:

New members: Transcript & Dues

Returning members: Transcript, Hours Sheet, & Dues

What are the dues for?

Dues are $5 per semester, and they go towards club chapter renewal, the senior pizza party, the tassels & stoles that seniors receive at graduation, events, field trips, keeping this site up and running, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Ready to join?

It's never too late! Go back to the [Home Page] tab & join the email list. We'll email you when application season opens at the beginning of every semester.

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