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finals week... please read until the end :)

December 8, 2018

Dang, it’s already December.

Unfortunately, that means finals, but fortunately, after that, we all get winter break!

Dead week is also coming up, which means teachers will start cramming in tests and quizzes before the final. Really got to get that grade up before finals week rolls around!


Whether you’re blowing off finals and hoping for the best or studying your butt off for the next two weeks, the whole school is getting prepared for finals. At Cal, we’ll have the traditional dead week filled with free food. Make sure to get to those lines to get your free donut, churros, and more!


To CSF members, take this moment to think back on your grades, and make sure finals won’t affect them dropping to a D or an F, because, remember, a failing grade = failed attempt at applying for CSF! :) just keep that in mind.


This is fairly short, but then again, this whole thing is about finals week, who would want to read it anyway? 

If you are, and you’re all the way down here, two things:


  1. Thanks! You’re a real supporter of this small but aspiring blog :)

  2. Consider becoming a contributor to this blog! Our CSF club runs on YOU guys, and YOUR incentives to participate in our activities makes it more engaging. Email me at christineoh51@gmail.com or the CSF email at calhighcsfclub@gmail.com to get started! You can help write stories that will be much more interesting than this one.


Ok, if you’re REALLY all the way down here, please consider point #2. We need your help to keep this blog up and running!

Like we mentioned in the presentation, more incentive to participate in club affairs like this also come into consideration when we select future board members. Make sure to stay active in the club and send in photos of you and your friends volunteering!

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