membership drive for seniors - 2021

*watch here for a video tutorial*

Drive dates: march 22nd to 25th

this is an opportunity for seniors who are one semester away from earning the

cal high special award

(must earn seven semesters) only.

check the latest csf email sent to your srvusd inbox to see if you qualify for this drive.

1. fill out the csf application form 

The application Google Form was sent to every Cal High student to your SRVUSD inbox. All directions are included in the form itself. ***Volunteer hours are not required for this semester's drive, but those that successfully completed at least 10 hours of service will receive a discount on our pending merchandise.*** 

2. download your 3rd quarter transcript

Go to your Infinite Campus portal and download your 3rd Quarter transcript, which can be found in the "Documents" tab. Please note we have returned to the point system for the Spring 2020-2021 and will be using our regular point system to evaluate membership eligibility. Specifics are found in the application form itself.

3. Head to the cal high webstore and pay the $3.50 "CSF SENIOR QUARTER DRIVE" dues.

Click on the link above and pay your membership fees. Dues have been upped due to the Webstore taking a portion of transactions less than $5. Please note that paying registration dues does not ensure CSF membership.  CSF is an academic club that requires specific grade requirements.  Please DO NOT pay this registration fee until you have confirmed that you meet the CSF eligibility requirements.


***If you are having trouble logging into the Webstore, please email Ms. Kent at with your Student ID number. She will reset your login credentials and usually responds to messages within 48 hours.***

*Please remember there will be no exceptions for late applications. it is your responsibility to have your application, transcript, and dues turned in on time.*


2020 Reflection

and reconstruction

February 13th, 2021

5:00PM - 7:00PM

TedxYouth@CaliforniaHighSchool's event signups

are open and limited.

Click here to sign up and support the Cal High speakers!

senior 2020-2021 Semester Application Drive

*covid-19 update*

The application for the Spring 2020-21 Semester Drive will be held in March 2021.

Application requirements include a portal transcript with mostly A's and B's and membership dues. Details will come out in second semester.

Volunteer hours will NOT be required for Spring 2020-21, but completion of 10 hours will earn you a small discount on future merch.


Although hours are not required, in order to qualify to earn discounts on CSF merch, you must use a premade form to log hours.

Advisor/supervisor signatures are not required, but you must provide contact info for that person in the case that we choose to do a cross reference with your application. All instructions needed are on the spreadsheet itself. Click the button below to get access to the spreadsheet.

Tidy Desk


Starting in the Fall 2020-2021 semester, semester drives will be extended to one week instead of two days to give members additional time to submit their applications.

Due to the longer drives and to reduce updating errors, Cal High CSF will not accept late applications under any circumstances. Please ask your friends to turn in your application for you if you're unable to turn it in yourself.


Look no further than the volunteer events board below! We update it as frequently as we can!

managed by our Activities Coordinators, Sharanya & Ridhi