fall 2020-2021 Semester Application Drive

*covid-19 update*

Due to the current situation, Cal High CSF has removed the volunteer hour requirement for the Fall 2020-2021 semester drive. This upcoming semester, all that is needed are the $3 membership dues and your most recent transcript.

Keep a physical copy of your Hours Sheet (and collect signatures from the supervisor each time you volunteer) to turn in when next application season rolls around.

a note to INterested freshmen

By the rules of California Scholarship Federation, high school freshmen are only considered "associate members". While you may submit your transcript and pay the membership dues, the Fall 2020-2021 semester will not count towards Lifetime Membership or the Cal High Award.

For these reasons, freshmen are encouraged to apply in the Spring 2020-2021 semester when they're officially eligible to join CSF.



This year, Cal High CSF wants to help other clubs on campus publicize their events and opportunities. CSF has an enormous audience and is aiming to provide greater attention to students' initiatives. If you'd like CSF to get the word out of an upcoming plan you have regarding your club, be sure to contact us and send any information and flyers you'd like us to announce.


Your events and opportunities will be announced here on our website as well as our email, Remind, and Instagram. Refer to our home page for all contact info. 

Tidy Desk


Starting in the Fall 2020-2021 semester, semester drives will be extended to one week instead of two days to give members additional time to submit their applications.

Due to the longer drives and to reduce updating errors, Cal High CSF will not accept late applications under any circumstances. Please ask your friends to turn in your application for you if you're unable to turn it in yourself.

Cal high alumni Panel

CSF hosted its first undergraduate panel featuring Cal High students! Thank you to all of you who signed up and attended our first Q&A Panel Event. We have more events lined up for you all, so stay tuned.


Vidhima Shetty (Columbia 23')

Megan Hoang (UCLA 24')

Annaka Lee (USC 23')

Rahul Desphande (Georgia Tech 24')

Chandana Kothur (UOP 19')


Look no further than the volunteer events board below! We update it as frequently as we can!

managed by our Activities Coordinators, Sharanya & Ridhi