I. Academic Excellence

One must obtain a minimum of 10 "points" that are determined by the courses a student takes and the grades earned in them. A printed copy of the up-to-date official Portal Transcript is turned in to verify academic honesty on the online application form. As eligibility is based on the previous semester’s grades, freshmen are not eligible for full CSF membership until the spring. Classes qualifying for membership are determined by the state organization, not by California High School.

II. Volunteer Service (Required for Spring 21-22 Membership Drive)

Prospective members must complete 10 hours of service MINIMUM to qualify for membership the following semester. This requirement was waived for the past three semesters due to COVID, and has been reinstated for the Spring 21-22 Membership Drive. CSF does not host volunteer events; members should find hours from outside organizations, clubs, charities, etc. Any service that is UNPAID counts. Please track your hours using the spreadsheet linked below.

For the Spring 21-22 Membership Drive, hours may be completed anytime between 8/10/21-1/10/22 (The duration of first semester).

To earn a semester of CSF membership, the applicant must fulfill 2 objectives within the semester previous to the respective drive:


1. Visit the Cal High Website.

2. Click "Infinite Campus Parent Portal" on the right-hand column. Log in.

3. Make sure you are on your student page (Top left corner: click "Select A Student" & your name).

4. Click "Reports" in the left-hand column and click the last link: "Portal Transcript".


CLICK HERE to find the template for tracking service hours.

All service hours must have a supervisor contact listed. CSF officers will pick applications at random to contact and verify hours, so please be honest in reporting your hours. Hours must be completed sometime between 8/10/21-1/10/22. Hours from other clubs (Key Club, Interact, NVLP, etc.) are permitted.

If you have any questions about volunteer hours for CSF, please contact calhighcsfclub@gmail.com.