APPLY to be on the 2021-22 csf board!

There are 4 open positions for the 2021-22 CSF officer board: Treasurer, Secretary, and 2 Activities Coordinators. Please click HERE to view position responsibilities and to access the application link. Applications are due on Sunday, April 25 by 11:59 p.m.

I. Academic Excellence

One must obtain a minimum of 10 "points" that are determined by the courses a student takes and the grades earned in them. A printed copy of the up-to-date official Portal Transcript is turned in to verify academic honesty on the online application form. As eligibility is based on the previous semester’s grades, freshmen are not eligible to apply until the spring. Classes qualifying for membership are determined by the state organization, not by California High School.

II. Volunteer Service (Not Required Due to CoVid-19)

If you are a first-time member, you do not need to turn in an hours log with your transcript and dues the day of the drive. If you will be a returning member, a minimum of 10 service hours must be earned. The fall application drive accepts hours earned in the summer in addition to those earned in the previous spring semester (in other words, all hours earned from the first day of the spring semester of the previous school year through the last day of summer break). The spring drive accepts hours earned from the first day of that school year through the last day of winter break).

To earn a semester of CSF membership, the applicant must fulfill 2 objectives within the semester previous to the respective drive:


1. Visit the Cal High Website.

2. Click "Infinite Campus Parent Portal" on the right-hand column. Log in.

3. Make sure you are on your student page (Top left corner: click "Select A Student" & your name).

4. Click "Reports" in the left-hand column and click the last link: "Portal Transcript".