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Our Team


Dear CSF,

Thank you for joining us this year! Sarah and I have a great group with us, and we can't wait to revamp CSF for you all. Throughout my past 5 years in CJSF / CSF, I've admired this club's work ethic, and for my senior year, I want to bring you the CSF you deserve. From student to city government to a medley of organizations in between, I try my best to get involved as much as I can, in every corner of the community. I look forward to continue doing what I love as one of your leaders this year. Let's continue achieving big!




Hi everyone! My name is Ishaan Nagpal and I am your Vice President this year. I am a senior and have been in CSF for the last 5 years. Some quick facts about me are: I am a photographer and an aviation enthusiast. I must confess CSF has made a lasting impression on my life. I have gained so many opportunities and met so many interesting people. I hope to be able to help you experience some of the life changing moments I have had over the past couple of years. Feel free to come up and talk to me this year. Let's have a great year!

Vice President



Hi guys, I'm Chuyi and I'm ecstatic to be your treasurer this year! I'm currently a junior and have been in CJSF/CSF for 4 consecutive years. My primary goal is to make sure club members have a smooth experience joining the club and make new and returning club members feel welcome. If you have any questions or concerns don't be hesitant to ask!




Hello! I'm Kimi Shirai and I'm thrilled to be one of your Activities Coordinators this year. Currently, I am a junior and have been in CJSF/CSF since seventh grade. It has remained an integral part of my school experience sine I was President and VP of CJSF my eighth grade year which taught me so much about responsibility and action. I look forward to how we will help the community through exceptional volunteerism this year. Thomas and I will work diligently to provide you with community service opportunities but we also encourage you to find or continue other events that you love to do or feel passionate about. If you have any questions or want to make a new friend from the CSF community, don't be afraid to approach me!

Activities Coordinator



Hi everyone! I’m excited to serve as one of your presidents and look forward to spending my senior year working with all of you! Being apart of CJSF throughout middle school and continuing that journey in high school has introduced me to so many friends and communities. They say high school is tough, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going :) Feel free to ask me questions about the club, or questions not about the club! I excel at small talk.




Hi guys! I'm Christine, and I'll be your next CSF secretary! I'm a junior this year, and I'm excited to help bring more success, opportunities, and ideas to this large club. Our members and officers both show leadership and a sense of community both in and out of the classroom, and I hope we can continue to emphasize that and bring our club closer together with that in mind. I'm ready for a great year together!




Hi everyone, I'm Thomas Files ('21) and I am elated to be one of your Activities Coordinators! My background includes 2 semesters of CJSF in eighth grade and my spring semester here at Cal High. I am driven to make change, advocating for equal rights all across the Bay Area and I stand behind the idea that volunteering is the perfect forum to begin that journey. This year Kimi and I are on a mission to provide opportunities to you, our members. I'm anticipating meeting each of you and feel free to come up and talk to me, especially if you have bakery/food recommendations!

Activities Coordinator