Work Desk

Meet Our 2021 - 2022 Team




Eunice Oh is a senior who has been involved in CSF and CJSF since middle school, and is actively involved in her community. She is enthusiastic about serving as the CSF President in the upcoming term. She hopes to get to know the CSF members soon!


Shawn reznikov

Junior Shawn Reznikov has been involved in CJSF serving as Vice President and is now thrilled to be your CSF Vice President. Along with loving to volunteer he plays piano and is a big fan of soccer!



ridhi goyal

Ridhi Goyal has been a part of CJSF-CSF for 3 years and is excited to be Vice President in her junior year. She is passionate about social justice, as well as speech and debate. She hopes to make a difference through community service.



amol bhat

Amol Bhat has been an active CSF member for 2 years and is now excited to serve as CSF Secretary during his senior year! In his free time, he loves to  play basketball and make a positive impact on his community through volunteer work!



sachit ganotra

Sachit Ganotra is a sophomore who has been involved with CJSF-CSF for 4 years and is super excited to serve as CSF Treasurer. In his free time, Sachit loves to get involved with his community as well as play sports.

activities coordinator

sami tripasuri

My name is Sami Tripasuri and I am a junior. I enjoy reading and writing. I am excited to be your activities coordinator this year!

activities coordinator

sanhita nittala

Sanhita Nittala is a junior who is a newcomer to CSF. She is excited to join the team and serve as one of the Activities Coordinators. Alongside community service in various non-profit organizations, Sanhita is passionate about organic chemistry, music, and political activism!